Land and Building At Kaniyur Village, Sulur Taluk, Coimbatore District

Listing ID:1473566
Listing Type:Sarfaesi Auction
Institution:South Indian Bank
Institution Branch:Pallapalayam Branch
Contact Details:Contact The Authorized Officer: Mr. R. Balaji Ph No: 9443759259
Auction Details:E-Auction
Borrower Name:M/s. Sri Ram Textiles
Property Type:Land & Building
Property Details:land admeasuring 181.50 Cents
Schedule of Property:All that part and parcel of land admeasuring 181.50 Cents[ie, 15 Cents+20.50 Cents+146 Cents] alongwith 1/7th right of 1.375 Cents in 9.25 Cents in New.S.F.No.94/2, together with building and all other constructions, improvements, well, right of pathway and cart-track, other easementary rights existing and appurtenant thereon situated under S.F.No.94, New.S.F.Nos. 94/1 and 94/3 of Kaniyur Village, Sulur Taluk, Coimbatore District and owned by Mr Deenadhayalan Natarajan, more fully described in Registered Sale Deed No.991/2000 dated 02.03.2000 of Sub Registrar Office Sulur and bounded onBoundaries for Part admeasuring 15 Cents in Sy. No.94/1, North: North-South and East-West PathwayEast: 20 Links Wide North-South PathwaySouth: East-West PathwayWest: Land in S.F.Nos. 100 and 101Boundaries for Part admeasuring 20.50 Cents in Sy.No.94/3,North: Well & Common Usage LandsEast: Property of Deenadhayalan Natarajan admeasuring 146 CentsSouth: Land belonging to Varatharaj and 23 Links Wide East-West PathwayWest: 20 Links Wide North-South PathwayBoundaries for Part admeasuring 146 Cents in Sy.No.94/3, North East-West PathwayEast: Land Belonging to ChinnathaiSouth: Land in S.F.No.95West: Property of Deenadhayalan Natarajan admesuring 20.50 Cents, Well, Common Pathway & Properties of Varatharaj and Saraswathi
Inspection Details:For Inspection : Contact The Authorized Officer: Mr. R. Balaji Ph No: 9443759259
Possession Status:---
Reserve Price:40838000
Minimum Increment:200000
DSC Required:No
Accept Reserve Price value as First Bid:No
Start Date and Time of Auction:10-07-2024 2:30 pm
End Date and Time of Auction:10-07-2024 3:30 pm
Time Extensions:If bid is placed in the last 5 minutes of auction, The auction end time will increase by 5 minutes.
Application Submission Deadline:09-07-2024 5:00 pm
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