Land and Building at Proddatur

Listing ID:1326358
Listing Type:Sarfaesi Auction
Institution:Karur Vysya Bank Ltd
Institution Branch:Ananthapur Branch
Contact Details:Contact The Authorized Officer: Ph no:08554-241156, 9959988589
Auction Details:E- Auction
Borrower Name:M/s. Sai Agri Corporation
Property Type:Land & Building
Property Details:Residential Land & Building area of 356.99 Sq.Yds
Schedule of Property:EM Charge created on Residential Land & Building (Item No.1: 271.33 Sq.yds, Item no.2: 85.66 Sq.yds) having Ground &; First floor situated at 1.T.S.No.2082, 2.T.S.No.1930-4, Plot No.2 & 17, L.P.No.255/80(A), Old D.No: 18/295-C1, 18-1-95, 18th ward, Near S. V. Theatre, Venugopal Nagar, Neeruganti Veedhi, Old Town, Anatapur, total measuring land area of 356.99 Sq.Yds standing in the name of Mr. P.Peddi Reddy is Bounded on: Item No.1 -271.33 Sq.yds (Plot No.2): East: Plot of D.Thirupal bearing Plot No.1, West: Plot of.3 of K.Satya Narayana and others, North: Road, South: Land in S.No.1930/4 of item No.2 property (plot No.17). Item No.2-85.66 Sq.yds (Plot No.17): East:

House of K.Sunanda Lakshmi, West: Property of Lakshmi Devi, North: Above said item no.1 property (Plot No.2), South: House of Anasuyamma and road. Boundaries of the total property: East: House of D.No.19/1/94, West House in D.No.18/1/96, North: Road, South: Others existing building
Inspection Details:For Inspection of the property : Contact The Authorized Officer: Ph no:08554-241156, 9959988589
Possession Status:---
Reserve Price:19500000
Minimum Increment:100000
DSC Required:No
Accept Reserve Price value as First Bid:No
Start Date and Time of Auction:08-12-2023 11:00 am
End Date and Time of Auction:08-12-2023 12:00 pm
Time Extensions:If bid is placed in the last 5 minutes of auction, The auction end time will increase by 5 minutes.
Application Submission Deadline:07-12-2023 5:00 pm
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