Land and building at Thrikkovilvattam Panchayath in Thazhuthala Village, Kollam

Listing ID:1463252
Listing Type:Sarfaesi Auction
Auction No:9945137 & 9881896
Institution:Tata Capital Housing Finance Limited
Institution Branch:Cochin Branch
Contact Details:Contact The Authorized Officer: Manish Bansal Ph No: 8588983696, 9999078669
Auction Details:E-Auction
Borrower Name:Mr. Shahar Abdul Jabbar
Property Type:Land & Building
Property Details:land having an extent of 7.53 Ares
Schedule of Property:All that piece and parcel of the Kramanumber: 1, District: Kollam, Sub District: Kottiyam, Taluk: Kollam, Village: Thazhuthala, Cheri: Mylavuru, Panchayat: Thrikkovilvattam Panchayath, Block No.: 23, Re.Sy No.: 256 & 256, Re.Sy.Sub Division: 21/4 & 20/5, Sy No. 7004 & 7005, Extent (Are / Sqm): 06.98 & 0.55, Nature of Avagasham-Tharam: Pattam-Purayidam Seller Thandaper No.: 14124. PROPERTY DESCRIPTION:- All that piece and parcels of land having an extent of 7.53 Ares made up of 06.98 Ares in Re Sy.No 256/21/4 and 0.55 Ares in Re.Sy.No.256/20/5 in Sy.No. 7004 & 7005 together with building bearing No.19/1016 along with right of way situated at Thrikkovilvattam Panchayath in Thazhuthala Village, Kollam Taluk lying in Sub-Registration District of Kottiyam in the Registration district of Kollam and all rights mentioned in the Sale Deed No.2853/2011 dated 11-07-2011 registered in the name of Mr.Shahar in Sub-Registration District Kottiyam in Registration district of Kollam, Boundaries: East: Property of Shadakadulla, North: Property of Sakeer and others. West: Road, South: Road. Note; SA filed by the Borrower against TCHFL (SA.No.391/2023) is pending before DRT 2, Erakulam, No stay order is passed against TCHFL in the said case. The bidders are advised to conduct due diligence before submitting the bid. The auction shall be subject to the outcome of the litigation
Inspection Details:Inspection From May 22nd, 2024 at 11:00am - May 22nd, 2024 at 5:00pm
Possession Status:Physical Possession
Reserve Price:6500000
Minimum Increment:10000
DSC Required:No
Accept Reserve Price value as First Bid:No
Start Date and Time of Auction:30-05-2024 2:00 pm
End Date and Time of Auction:30-05-2024 3:00 pm
Time Extensions:If bid is placed in the last 10 minutes of auction, The auction end time will increase by 10 minutes.
Application Submission Deadline:29-05-2024 5:00 pm
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