Land and Building at Thrissur Village, Thrissur Taluk and Thrissur District

Listing ID:1332898
Listing Type:Sarfaesi Auction
Institution:Dhanlaxmi Bank
Institution Branch:Thrissur Main Branch
Contact Details:Contact Authorized Officer No.:9539004365 , 9539003651 , on any working day during the office hours.
Auction Details:E-Auction
Borrower Name:Mrs. Girija Menon
Property Type:Land & Building
Property Details:Land and Building measuring 4.20 cents
Schedule of Property:Details of Immovable Assets:Immovable property admeasuring (1) 1.85 cents in Sy no 231/1, (2) 4.20 cents in 231/1, (3) 3.61 cents in sy no 231/1 totaling 9.66 cents together with Residential building around 8986 sq feet and all improvements thereon at Thrissur Village, Thrissur Taluk and Thrissur District owned by Girija Menon, Unnikrishna Menon and Ramabhadra Menon (More particularly described below) Boundaries as per Sale Deed 1) Boundaries for 1.85 cents in Sy no 231/1 (Document No - 3387/2006) of SRO Thrissur in the name of Mr. Unnikrishnan Menon and Smt Girija. East :- Property of Unnikrishna Menon and Girija and property of their daughter Rama along with well. West - V.P.N Lane. South - Property of Ramachandran Menon, Unnikrishna Menon and Girija. North - Property of Unnikrishnan Menon, Girija, Southern wall of Residential Building in the property 2) Boundaries for 4.20 cents in Sy no 231/1 (Document No - 2108/2004) of SRO Thrissur in the name of Mr. M Unnikrishna Menon. East - Property of Unnikrishnan Menon, West - Property of Mr. Ramabhadran, South - Property of Omana Pisharasyar and that of Unnikrishna Menon. North Property of Malathy Pisharasyar. 3)Boundaries for 3.61 cents in Sy no 231/1 (Document No - 2109/2004 of SRO Thrissur in the name of V. Ramabhdran). East - Property of Mr Unnikrishnan Menon, West - V.P.N Lane, South - Property of Omana Pisharasyar, North Property belongs to Malathy Pisharasyar
Inspection Details:Inspect the secured asset/s between 10 am to 5 pm on working days by contacting the Authorised Officer / the Branch Manager
Possession Status:---
Reserve Price:38556000
Minimum Increment:10000
DSC Required:No
Accept Reserve Price value as First Bid:No
Start Date and Time of Auction:19-12-2023 10:00 am
End Date and Time of Auction:19-12-2023 4:00 pm
Time Extensions:If bid is placed in the last 5 minutes of auction, The auction end time will increase by 5 minutes.
Application Submission Deadline:18-12-2023 4:00 pm
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