Land and Building At Village: Navagam, Choriyasi, District: Surat

Listing ID:1328932
Listing Type:Sarfaesi Auction
Auction No:TCHHF0216000100068121 And 10652400 And 10644239
Institution:Tata Capital Housing Finance Limited
Institution Branch:City Light
Contact Details:Contact The Authorized Officer: Mr.Manish Bansal, Mobile No. 8588983696, Whatsapp Number: 9999078669, Email Id:
Auction Details:E-Auction
Borrower Name:Mr. Nitinbhai S. Patel
Property Type:Land & Building
Property Details:Land And Building admeasuring area as per Survey Record 260.04 Sq. Mtr.
Schedule of Property:All the rights, piece & parcel of Immovable property bearing Bungalow No. 83/A which is registered in Surat Survey Ward: Navagam Survey No. 1389 admeasuring area as per Survey Record 260.04 Sq. Mtr., along with undivided share proportionate share in the underneath land of the building and all internal and external rights thereto of the premises/campus known as "HUNS CO. HOUSING SOCIETY LTD.", constructed on non-agricultural land for residential use bearing old revenue survey No. 18, T.P. Scheme No. 4, adjoining Final Plot No. 174-A and B, Situate at Moje Village: Navagam, Sub-Dist.: Choriyasi, District: Surat of Gujarat. Bounded East Bungalow No. 83/B property, West Society Road, North :- Bungalow No. 84/A property, South Bungalow No.82/A property.
Inspection Details:Inspection Of The Property Can Be Done From 16.11.2023 Between 11.00am to 5.00pm
Possession Status:Physical Possession
Reserve Price:17500000
Minimum Increment:10000
DSC Required:No
Accept Reserve Price value as First Bid:No
Start Date and Time of Auction:24-11-2023 2:00 pm
End Date and Time of Auction:24-11-2023 3:00 pm
Time Extensions:If bid is placed in the last 10 minutes of auction, The auction end time will increase by 10 minutes.
Application Submission Deadline:23-11-2023 5:00 pm
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