Listing ID : 281284
Institution : Indian Overseas Bank
Institution Branch : Saheed Nagar Branch
Contact Details : Contact the authorized officer Ph.No.0674-2543667, 09444435565
Auction Details : E-Auction
Borrower Name : M/s.Bindals Sponge Industries Limited
Property Type : House
Lot details : land and building Total Area:Ac.70.23 dec.,
Schedule of Property : Item No.1) All that mortgaged of land and building situated at Mouza-Sunakhani, Tahasil-Kaniha, SRO-Talcher, PS-Talcher, Thana No.100, District-Angul, Khata No.114/16, Plot No.17370/1383, Area:Ac.1.500 dec., Khata No.114/16, Plot No.14/1393, Area: Ac.2.000 dec., Khata No.114/16, Plot No.36/1387, Area:Ac.1.500 dec., Khata No.114/16, Plot No.14/1388, Area: Ac.0.500 dec.,Khata No.114/16, Plot No.36/1389, Area:Ac.0.500 dec., Khata No.114/16, Plot No.1370/1390, Area:Ac.1.500 dec., Khata No.114/16, Plot No.36/1399, Area:Ac.1.500 dec., Khata No.114/16, Plot NKo.14/1434, Area:Ac.2.250 dec., Khata No.114/16, Plot No.14/1405, Area:Ac.2.080 dec., Khata No.114/16, Plot No.14/1366, Area:Ac.2.240 dec.,Khata no.114/16, Plot No.15, Area:Ac.8.000 dec., Khata no.114/16, Plot No.30, Area:Ac.2.510 dec.,Khata No.114/16, Plot No.14/1375, Area:Ac.10.400 dec.,Khata No.114/16, Plot No.13, Area:Ac.4.070 dec.,Khata No.114/16, Plot No.13708/1444, Area:Ac.1.800 dec.,Khata No.114/16, Plot No.14/1435, Area:Ac.1.900 dec., Khata No.111/277, Plot No.36/1379, Area:Ac.0.700 dec., Khata No.111/219, Plot No.268/1394, Area:Ac.0.050 dec., Khata no.111/219, Plot No.270/1395, Area:Ac.1.430 dec., Khata no.111/219, Plot No.33/1381, Area:Ac.2.050 dec.,Khata NKo.111/219, Plot No.;17/1488, Area:Ac.1.500 dec., Khata No.111/219, Plot No.17/1489, Area:Ac.1.580 dec., Khata no.111/219, Plot No.19/1490, Area:Ac.0.470 dec., Khata No.111/219, Plot No.29/1491, Area:Ac.0.700 dec.,Khata No.111/219, Plot No.;17/1492, Area:Ac.1.200 dec., Khata No.111/219, Plot No.17/1493, Area:Ac.2.170 dec.,Khata No.111/219, Plot NO.29/1495, Area:Ac.0.900 dec., Khata No.111/219, Plot No.17/1496, Area:Ac.0.940 dec., Khata No.111/219, Plot No.37/1528, Area:Ac.0.810 dec., Khata No.111/219, Plot No.37/1529, Area:Ac.0.810 dec., Khata No.111/219, Plot No.36/1385, Area:Ac.1.800 dec., Khata No.111/219, Plot No.14/1407, Area:Ac.0.500 dec.,Khata no.111/219, Plot No.36/1526, Area Ac.2.000 dec., Khata No.111/219, Plot No.36/1408, Area:Ac.2.800 dec., Khata No.111/219, Plot No.32, Area:Ac.1.330 dec., Khata No.111/219, Plot No.36/1627, Area:Ac.0.540 dec., Khata No.111/219, Plot No.27/1400, Area:Ac.0.500 dec., Khata No.111/219, Plot No.26 Area:Ac.1.200 dec., Total Area:Ac.70.23 dec., Status:Stitiban, Kissasm:Gharabari/Homestead
Inspection Details : For Inspection of the property on 04-02-2017
Reserve Price : ₹ 45,83,00,000.00
EMD : ₹ 4,58,30,000.00
Minimum Increment : ₹ 20,000.00
Date and Time of Auction : 23-02-2017 11:00 AM
End Time of Auction : 23-02-2017 01:00 PM
Application Submission Deadline : 21-02-2017 05:00 PM
Time Extension : If a Bid is placed in the last 5 minutes of the auction the auction end time will be extended by 5 minutes.
English Sale Notice : Download English Sale Notice of Auction Listing ID - 281284
English Sale Notice : Download English Sale Notice of Auction Listing ID - 281284
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