Listing ID : 259837
Institution : Oriental Bank of Commerce
Institution Branch : Oxford Plaza,Secunderabad
Contact Details : Contact The Authorized Officer Shri Ramesh Babu,8019958189, 040-27704359
Auction Details : E-Auction
Borrower Name : M/s.SZF Pvt.Ltd.
Property Type : Commercial Property
Lot details : the Property admeasuring an area 1.17 Acres
Schedule of Property : Lot No.1: All that the Property admeasuring an area 1.17 Acres including Plant & Machinery embedded at Factory under name and style as Sanghi zip Easterners Pvt.Ltd. situated at Survey No.27,Omerkhan Daira, Koheda Village and Hayathnagar Taluk, Ranga Reddy District, Telangana

Bounded By:North: Survey No24, South: Survey No.39, East:Survey No.28, West:Survey No.21

Movable Assets:Description of Machinery-Qty 1) Die Casting Machines-2 2)NBYN 5C T Type, Pet Type, PLT Type, 8N LLP machines, ordinary VKK, LFC 555 etc.,-21, 3)Puler With Accessories-1 4)Dryers-3, 5)Instrument Type Machines-8, 6)Mixture-1, 7)Nickle Filters-2 8)Copper Machines-8, 9)Unidentified Machines-3, 10)AHUs-Lot, 11)Auto Pinking Machines-2, 12)Slider Mounting Machines-5, 13)Auto Gaping B/s-2, 14)LFC Coil Machines-36, 15)CLC Stitching Machines (Around 310 Nos)-310, 16)LFC Lace PEDO Machines-35, 17)LFC Wonder Machines-128, 18)Roto Yarn Machines-10, 19)8CFC, 3CFC, 5CFC Machines-102, 20)Het Setting Machines-3, 21)Colourants room with Scraped Machines-Lot, 22)Keed K 300-200 Packing Machines-1, 23)Pumps & Pressing Machines-6, 24)Injecting Moulding Machines-3, 25)Ultra Sonic Tape Fixing Machines-4, 26)Coiling Machines-90, 27)Sky Taping, Moulding, Regular Tape Machines-45, 28)Scraped Machines-Lot
Inspection Details : Inspection of the property on 18.07.2016
Reserve Price : ₹ 1,31,00,000.00
EMD : ₹ 13,10,000.00
Minimum Increment : ₹ 1,00,000.00
Date and Time of Auction : 05-08-2016 11:00 AM
End Time of Auction : 05-08-2016 03:00 PM
Application Submission Deadline : 03-08-2016 05:00 PM
Time Extension : 5 Minutes
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