Listing ID : 619929
Institution : M/s. Tripurari Agro Private Limited (In Liquidation)
Institution Branch : Large Corporate Branch
Contact Details : Contact The Liquidator, Mr. Rajesh Kumar Loomba, Mobile No.9216510901, Email: During Office Hours Only.
Auction Details : E-Auction
Corporate Debtor : M/s Tripurari Agro Private Limited (in Liquidation)
Property Type : Plant and Machinery
Lot details : Major machinery consists of Silos, Sella Plant including Dyers, Paddy cleaners Storage Bin etc, 2 Milling plants with de stoners de huskers paddy cleaners polisher, silky graders and Sortex machines etc. ,Paddy dryers, Boiler and ETP plant
Schedule of Property : The Plant and Machinery is situated at Village Bajidpur, Rahon SBS Nagar Punjab. The following is the Indicative list of machinery (without any responsibility on the liquidator on the description, condition, availability or otherwise) some of which are in scrap / salvage Condition at above address.
Electrical Installation 5.5%-2015-1 SET, Etp Plant-2014-1, Etp Plinth & Foundations-2014-1 SET, Sella Plant Foundation-2014-1 SET, Generator-2014-1, Husk Seperator Drsd-2017-1 SET, Electrical Panels-2015-1 SET, Plant & Machinery (Acessory For Sortex Machinery)-2014-1 SET, Plant & Machinery Boiler-2014-1 SET, Plant & Machinery (Electrical Equipments & Other Components)-2014-1 SET, Plant & Machinery Milling-(Devraj Make-Whitener-2,Polisher-2, Husker With Vibro Feeder-1 Set, Cyclone, Silky Machine-1 Set, Air Compressor-1,Espriator-2, Peti Cleaner-2, Rice Cleaner-2, Relay M/C1, Paddy Cleaner-1, Paddy Storage-2, Elavators, Structure) & (Bhullar MakeWhitener-4, Sizer-2, Rice Cleaner-1, Silky Machine-2, Relay Machine-1, Butterfly, Cyclone, Paddy Cleaner-1, Elavators Structure)-2014-2 SET, Plant & Machinery (Sella Plant Parabollic)-2014-1 SET, Plant & Machinery Silos-2014-2, Plant & Machinery (Sortex Machinery Infrastructure)-2014-2 SET, Plant & Machinery (Weighing Bridge-100 Ton)-2013-1, Rice Mill Machinery-2014-1 SET, Sortex Machines (Bhullar Make)-2014-2, Stack Plinth-2014-1.
Inspection Details : Site Visits and Discussion Meeting Upto January 14, 2021 between 11:00 A.M. to 05:00 P.M.
Reserve Price : ₹ 3,00,00,000.00
EMD : ₹ 30,00,000.00
Minimum Increment : ₹ 1,00,000.00
Date and Time of Auction : 19-01-2021 03:00 PM
End Time of Auction : 19-01-2021 05:00 PM
Application Submission Deadline : 15-01-2021 06:00 PM
Time Extension : If a Bid is placed in the last 5 minutes of the auction the auction end time will be extended by 5 minutes.
English Sale Notice : Download English Sale Notice of Auction Listing ID - 619929
English Sale Notice : Download English Sale Notice of Auction Listing ID - 619929